Whether you are into streamlining or building corporate knowledge portal, increasing or creating learning among employees, enhancing or encouraging cross departmental communication, decreasing or accelerating decision making time or, boosting or establishing data integrity, with total employees of one hundred or over ten thousands, we provide you with OrgPublisher, an affordable and easy to use solution that you could leverage on for human capital management and knowledge management.
OrgPublisher is a world leading organizational charting software that goes beyond the org chart graphic by leveraging on the HR data you already have from virtually any source, automatically creating web-based org charts containing up to 1,000,000 records. These org charts are easily shared across your company via any web browser providing accurate human resource information. OrgPublisher does more than just chart your people. It helps managers to plan and manage activities in relation to manpower planning, salary budgetary control, skills and competencies management, performance management, training administration and planning, sales/productivity management, succession planning, employees /customers profile management, company information and many more.
Managers with little IT knowledge and training can easily use OrgPublisher to identify individual or group of people by combining search logic with skill sets, service years, year in positions, race, age, training completed, experiences, qualification, date data ( such as hire/joining date, etc ) or any other criteria that relate to employees.
To download OrgPublisher Executive Demo click here (10.7Mb).
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