As a partner in talent management we provide quality services in the following areas -
For Organisation:
Talent Flow
Pre-employment Testing and Assessment
Interviewing Techniques
Outplacement Services
Talent Engagement
Organizational Development including 360° Assessment
Performance Management including Balance Scorecard
Succession Planning
Competencies Development
Training and Development
Post-employment Assessment
HR Transformational Strategic Planning and Implementation
Merger Integration Planning and Implementation
Web Based HR Planning Products
ExecuTRACK Talent Management Solutions
OrgPublisher for Intranet
Hire Success Personality Profiling
Profiles Assessment Centre
Profiles Leadership Skills Series
  Profiles Checkpoint 360° Competency Feedback System
  Profiles SkillBuilder  Profiles SkillBuilder 


For Individual:
Personal Development
MLVK Certified Skill Training in Administrative Functions and Computers
Computer Based Typing Skill Training Program