It takes all kinds of Personality Types to build a successful organization.

Some must be leaders, efficient and demanding while always looking at the "big picture" and the bottom line at the same time.

Others just want security, a good pay check and well defined guidelines in which to work. They will keep doing the same tasks over and over, day after day and be quite happy.

Other positions need people who are relentless with detail. Very neat and orderly. Where would the business be if they didn't pay rigid attention to every detail?

The company needs to generate revenues and has an image too, and people who are outgoing, friendly and love to be with people and have a liking to perform competitively can be a real asset too!

When their Talents, Skills and Personality Traits are fully utilized to their advantage, the employee usually enjoys what he or she is doing for the company and they have an excellent chance of being a top performer. Knowing how to manage and motivate them, will almost certainly raise the retention rate and lower costly turnover in your company.

How can you tell who has the right Personality Traits for the job?
The cost of bad hires can have a dramatic effect on the company's bottom line. Great resumes and experiences in similar industry may not reveal the Job Personality Match required for the position in your company. HIRE SUCCESS Personality Profiling provides you with solutions to assist you in selecting the right person with the right personality type for the right job. This tool helps managers to better manage placement and selection processes for every employee and applicant. It is also a useful tool for training needs analysis, team buildings, coaching, managing, career and succession planning.
What makes Hire Success Personality Profiling stands out above the rest?
This tool can be used by all employees and applicants of any job levels. It is so simple that even non
  executive will have no trouble responding to the profiling exercise.
It can be done in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
Candidates only need to respond to 100 adjectives.
No lengthy questionnaires or statements to answer.
No software or website cost as it is given FREE!
Low investment
Reports are comprehensive and accurate in describing
No need to invest time and money on training how to use
the tool and interpreting the reports.
Managers only require reading skill to understand the
Personalised Interview Questions are generated and
  focused on the subject matters; it also provides you with relevant follow up guides to respond to candidate's reply.
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We provide FREE TESTING for those who are really keen to embark on Personality Profiling as part of their Human Capital Management.
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