“Let your fingers do the working, your mind do the thinking”

Effective typing skills combine with knowledge in application software, such as office productivity tools, complete the total skills require to become a productive knowledge worker in ICT.

TypingMaster Pro a world leading touch typing product, train and develop users with the right skills in handling computer keyboard. Skills ….. that will last a lifetime!

With TypingMaster Pro, schools and colleges produce students and graduates who are competent in handling computer keyboard; and companies, saving invaluable man-hour time and cost with employees typing speed that are faster and with higher accuracy rate.

Training Method

Fun, easy and flexible interactive computer based learning that guide user through…….

Keyboard Drill
With the visual keyboard drill, you will easily learn the places of the keys
Fun Learning
Typing Games
Three different typing games offer an amusing way to review your new skills


Progress Statistics
With the help of illustrative long-term statistics you can follow your progress on typing accuracy, gross and net speed.
Personalized Review
With the dynamic review you can easily train your problem keys with personalized review exercises.
Customized Typing Test
Use texts of your own choice to test typing speed and accuracy.
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